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Welcome to the world of Raquel Egosi, an artist known for her unique style and experimental approach to art. Raquel's journey as an artist began in Brazil in 1996 when she studied with internationally acclaimed artist Tran Tho. Since then, she has become an active member of the art community, leading workshops for mixed media techniques, setting up art shows, and collaborating with other artists. Her willingness to experiment with unconventional materials and techniques has won her many awards and accolades, and her art is highly sought-after by collectors and private buyers around the world. We invite you to explore Raquel's art and discover the beauty and creativity that lies within.

my story

early life

Israeli-born Raquel Egosi had a lot of paths to choose from, and she followed many of them. Her unconventional path started as a city girl working as a fashion model in the Tel Aviv metropolis, followed by Israel's compulsory military service. After her military service, she spent some time as a "fun-loving hippie hedonist" on the Red Sea shores of the Sinai desert. Later, she got married, started a family, and became involved in farming.


Egosi's artistic journey began in Brazil, where she took private classes with Russian artist Elena Nikitina, who taught her the rudiments of working with pastels and oils within the strictures of genre painting. However, it was fellow Israeli artist Na’ir Kramer who opened the doors for her creative imagination. Egosi found herself attracted to the spare aesthetics of Asian art and often visited Vietnamese artist Tran Tho’s studio to watch him work. That discovery would inspire her artistic influences and unique style.

Freeform Creativity

Egosi's artistic process is all about breaking the rules and using non-conventional methods. She rarely plans or sketches her work, instead relying on a carefree flow of consciousness to guide her. This approach infuses her abstracts and semi-abstracts with unconventional materials, including foils, paper, fabrics, and unusual found objects. She becomes as much a part of the painting as any of her materials, allowing the process to change at any time.

united states

her move to the United States and settling in Miami in 2000 marked the beginning of her recognition as an artist. She became involved in several South Florida organizations promoting the arts, showing her work in galleries around the state, and even took to the road with her family in a mobile home. Her unique style and willingness to experiment led her to settle in Asheville, North Carolina, where she found inspiration in the wonderful people, lots of art, profound culture, and mesmerizing nature.

continued success

Egosi's success as an artist is a testament to her continued dedication to her craft. She leads workshops for mixed media techniques in the US and overseas, encouraging her students to find their own bond to their creative self. She participates regularly in art exhibitions, actively involved with art groups and events, winning awards and accolades, and successfully selling her art to collectors and international private buyers. Her unique style and willingness to experiment make her a highly sought-after artist.

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