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Beautiful work. If you would like call me when you return to Leicester. Thanks for calling me, Joannna
-- Joanna White, 9/1/18

hendersonville, nc 28792 Your paintings are really complicated and have a lot of in-depth they are beautiful. Nice to meet you and your husband.
-- Steven West, 7/4/18

-- Steven West, 7/4/18

Raquel, Your work is just superb!
-- Ron Cohen, 8/10/17

Amazing and deep work. It was wonderful meeting you and Michele today.
-- Maryjane Findley, 7/23/17

As usual, everything is beautiful as well as inspiring. Thank you so much for bringing so much beauty into our world.
-- Barbara Hodges, 5/1/17

Greatly admire your work. I watched your video on youtube. Mary lou Cherrier
-- Mary Lou Cherrier, 9/23/16

Love your work and you're very creative with all your ideas it was great talking to you this week and thanks for all your help
-- Audrey Ward, 9/3/16

Thank you again Racquel for being so inspirational with your beautiful art. You are a treasure!!!
-- Barbara Hodges, 8/1/16

Beautiful, inspiring art from an equally beautiful woman!
-- Coco Sweezy, 7/9/16

There are words that come close to express how amazing your artwork is. You are truly a gifted artist. I could stare for hours on just one painting. They all speak volumes!!! Hopefully someday I can actually see them in person. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!
-- Connie Di Piazza, 5/26/16

Not only can you cook, Raquel, you sure can paint! What a visual delight to scroll through these, knowing that to witness the originals would be even more evocative. Thank you!
-- Judy Orloff, 1/21/16

I love your work, Raquel. Beautiful and very unusual!
-- Judith Kaufman, 9/1/15

I loved much of your work. Thank you for creating them.
-- Abi Naveh, 4/10/15

I love everything but especially these Sandhill Cranes. Keep up the wonderful work. Barbara
-- Barbara Hodges, 3/1/15

thanks for the beautyfull pictures
-- Pfarrer Beat, 12/25/14

So beautiful. Stunning colors!
-- Barbara Hodges, 11/1/14

Beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sending me this link. Much success!!! Love and hugs, Barbara
-- Barbara Hodges, 8/2/14

Simply beautiful! Love the peony and the squirrel.....excellent
-- Judy, 4/1/14

My husband purchased "Wishing" and we have it framed and hanging now in our Alexandria, Virginia apartment. It is great to see your collection online.
-- Patricia Greim, 12/29/13