Beautiful work. If you would like call me when you return to Leicester. Thanks for calling me, Joannna
-- Joanna White, 9/1/18

hendersonville, nc 28792 Your paintings are really complicated and have a lot of in-depth they are beautiful. Nice to meet you and your husband.
-- Steven West, 7/4/18

-- Steven West, 7/4/18

Raquel, Your work is just superb!
-- Ron Cohen, 8/10/17

Amazing and deep work. It was wonderful meeting you and Michele today.
-- Maryjane Findley, 7/23/17

As usual, everything is beautiful as well as inspiring. Thank you so much for bringing so much beauty into our world.
-- Barbara Hodges, 5/1/17

Greatly admire your work. I watched your video on youtube. Mary lou Cherrier
-- Mary Lou Cherrier, 9/23/16

Love your work and you're very creative with all your ideas it was great talking to you this week and thanks for all your help
-- Audrey Ward, 9/3/16

Thank you again Racquel for being so inspirational with your beautiful art. You are a treasure!!!
-- Barbara Hodges, 8/1/16

Beautiful, inspiring art from an equally beautiful woman!
-- Coco Sweezy, 7/9/16

There are words that come close to express how amazing your artwork is. You are truly a gifted artist. I could stare for hours on just one painting. They all speak volumes!!! Hopefully someday I can actually see them in person. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!
-- Connie Di Piazza, 5/26/16

Not only can you cook, Raquel, you sure can paint! What a visual delight to scroll through these, knowing that to witness the originals would be even more evocative. Thank you!
-- Judy Orloff, 1/21/16

I love your work, Raquel. Beautiful and very unusual!
-- Judith Kaufman, 9/1/15

I loved much of your work. Thank you for creating them.
-- Abi Naveh, 4/10/15

I love everything but especially these Sandhill Cranes. Keep up the wonderful work. Barbara
-- Barbara Hodges, 3/1/15

thanks for the beautyfull pictures
-- Pfarrer Beat, 12/25/14

So beautiful. Stunning colors!
-- Barbara Hodges, 11/1/14

Beautiful, beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sending me this link. Much success!!! Love and hugs, Barbara
-- Barbara Hodges, 8/2/14

Simply beautiful! Love the peony and the squirrel.....excellent
-- Judy, 4/1/14

My husband purchased "Wishing" and we have it framed and hanging now in our Alexandria, Virginia apartment. It is great to see your collection online.
-- Patricia Greim, 12/29/13

Wonderful work...from a wonderful person!
-- Bryan Holland, 11/23/13

Your paintings are amazing. So full of emotion!
-- Mary Howe, 11/22/13

This is such a great blog post! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site. It’s awesome blog.
-- Linda, 12/21/12

Dear Raquel, Your work is simply amazing! So glad we are friends! Judy
-- Judy Kaufman, 9/17/12

Love your style and your instruction at the Red House Studios and Gallery is very empowering!
-- Sharole Ewing, 7/19/12

It was so nice to meet you last week at Red House! I love your work. I was so impressed by your willingness to share with everyone....I look forward to seeing much more of you! Judy
-- Judy Kaufman, 7/1/12

Love your work, saw a print for sale on eBay and followed it back to your website. Please add me to your mailing list.
-- Melissa Kelly, 8/14/11

Very nice.. Esther told me about your art
-- Marla, 7/9/11

Thanks for your nice comments at YouTube. Your work is very surprising, I like it a lot!
-- Carla Van Den Berg, 3/8/11

אומנות באמת מאד יפה אני בטוח שיש לך הצלחה מסחררת אני מאחל לכם 2011 מאושרת עם הרבה הגשמות נשיקות מזרי
-- Zari, 12/28/10

Thank you for adding beauty to the world! You are so talented and productive. Bravo!! We love your work of art!
-- Dr Rachel Lapidot, 10/5/10

You are blessed with insight & creative vision!
-- Scott Williams, 8/25/10

very cool and amazin...success is all your way...good luck
-- Vidhya, 4/13/10

Paintings are mindblowing
-- Arijit Chatterjee, 2/16/10

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my yupo experiment today at the workshop in Crystal Beach.
-- Bonnie Bierly, 2/20/09

From a fellow artist -- I love your art! I saw Tamar last night and she mentioned you would be in town to visit her. We would love to see you too -- when you have the time! Much love, Dali and Ofra
-- Dali Bahat (Ofra's Husband), 1/24/09

I love your paintings and the way you distribute the colors in your compositions. They are alive and full of energy. Congratulations!!!
-- Erika Mierisch, 9/19/08

Your work is beautiful! Havn't seen you at Shapes lately. I still go to swim class on Mon. & Wed. A.m. Hope to see you soon. Please attend our High Holdays at the Bahaynian Center, no tickets needed, donation basis. Rabbi Moch from Congregation B'nai Emmunah holds them for the communnity every year. Call me for more info 772-7340. Peace, Illana Petro
-- Illana Petro, 9/1/08

Just wanted to say that I love the art work, they look great! Keep up the good work :-)
-- Gideon Schnog, 4/1/08